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Fun Rockers is a in-house entertainment department which looks after all the events and activities takes place at MGM Beach Resort M.G Muthu Group. We create adventurous experience and magical moments for our guest by organizing team building activities for Corporate, Birthday Parties , Theme Parties , Marriages, Get together , Funny Games, Magic Shows etc. we have in-house activity room where you can find Carom , Chess, Electronic Video Games and Board Games. Your kids can also participate in different kind of competitions or activities which takes place through out the day like Drawing Competition, Creative Corner, Signature Hunt, Fish feeding , Beach Volleyball etc.

If you are looking for any kind of event or activities we are here to help you out. Book your query and we will be in touch with you. if you are visiting MGM Beach Resort -M.G Muthu Group, don’t forget to visit fun Rockers entertainment department where your smile and our fun meets together , Because we don’t sale fun, we sale Experience.

Recently we have organized following events

Valentines Day on Waves: (14th February 2014):

Valentines Day is called as lover’s day among couples but MGM made this day love cum memorable day. This day MGM organized a special Valentine day party on Artificial Island. Each and every couple had a reserved table with bottle of wine, Rose and Candle light dinner. This island was surrounded by Pink, red and white color heart shape balloons and decoration. Evening started with couple activities and went to D.J. Floor. Fun Rockers kept people in funny mood and made it sure that it was romantic as well. Dedications of songs, Competitions and stage appearance of anchors were amazing. When the wind started flowing, artificial soap bubbles started roaming around the arena, which made the place look like heaven where no one will disturb you when you are expressing your love with your partner. “We cannot forget this evening, it was really very romantic, Next year we will join with our friends” the comment is really precious for us because Guest’s smile is only our Business.

Ponglo Pongal: (11th January to 18th January 2014) :

This was the time when MGM welcomed real tradition of TamilNadu. A Proper Village setup was again organized by fun Rockers where one could enjoy , Sugar Cane Juice, Parrot Astrology , Stick Astrology , Pot Making, Balloon Shooting , Mehandi , Face painting and Tattoo making . When People entered in to this setup it gave actual feel of village because Nadaswaram was also the part of this at day time. It became memorable for all the guests when they didn’t pay a single penny and enjoyed all the services complimentary. People who had lunch at “Sea crest Restaurant” they all turned up in to this village and clicked photographs with there family.

Evening was very special when Guest was eagerly waiting for Bharatham, Karagam , Thappatam , Kuchipudi , Mohini attam and fire dance to be performed on stage which was facing towards “Sea Crest Restaurant”. Party Games, Activities, Dance, prize distribution and delicious buffet were enjoyed by in-house and walk in Guest who were the part of these evenings.

MGM Welcomed New Year 2014:

Full Resort was filled up with enthusiasm and excitement when this new year 2014 night was going to be a night filled up with Fun , Entertainment and Rocking D.J. . Everyone was in mood of Dance and Craziness. Many of them started dancing from entry gate itself. Beautiful Covers were laid with bottle of wine, flowers and with reserved tags who booked there seat in advance. Night got started with amazing songs and people started joining the Dance Floor when D.J. Gavin when he Played Rocking D.J. Songs.

Christmas Carnival (20th December to 30th December 2013):

This was the time when MGM was fully covered with white snow theme named as “Santa on the Beach” which was organized by MGM in-house team named as fun rockers. This fest started with amazing activities from morning till evening. There was lot to offer like Day Competitions, Christmas Carnival, Fire Dance, B-Boying, Wrapping, Evening Dance, Kids Activities and Prize distribution. This fest became memorable when Santa started rolling up on the Beach Sand and Kids started Screaming, parents started smiling and Santa Started a Session of Photo Clicking with each and everyone. This Santa was really very special because People were not calling it a Santa but a Giant Santa which had a height of 7 feet.

It was magnificent view and million dollars stage which was laid up on the sand facing towards Sea, One side was covered with Carnival Games shops and other was facing towards Indian Ocean “Bay of Bengal” where many ships were passing by and lights were blinking like stars , Guests Emotions were floating around the arena which was leading towards a romantic and peaceful environment. Many Guest enjoyed this fest with delicious food from “Sea Crest Restaurant” and Evening Entertainment.

Cake Mixing Ceremony (December 2014):

Christmas Celebration : 20th dec to 30 dec 2014:

Christmas celebration was a big hit at MGM Beach Resort - M.G Muthu Group which started from 20th December 2014 to 30th December 2014 organised by Fun Rockers. Menu of fun rockers included christmas carnival with evening entertainment program like Dance, Magic show, Charlie Chaplin, B-Boying, family Games, Anchor and a Giant santa on the Beach. Where one can walk bare foot with his partner and can enjoy the evening in its most romantic way. If anyone’s mood permits they can move on the floor on different D.J. Songs. The tradition of selfie in modern era can be on its best if you have been at MGM Beach resort - M.G Muthu Group in season because there is lot to click in your camera starting from decoration of resort at this time to the million dollar stage on the beach with evening entertainment. At the end , it is a ultimate package of your family moments which one can be spend over here if you have missed it , we are sure you wouldn't like to miss it in coming time at MGM beach resort - M.G Muthu Group.

New Year 2015 Celebration: 31st December :

Whenever it comes to celebrate New Year , Mgm beach resort - M.G Muthu Group has its own way to make it more enjoyable, enthusiastic and exiting. Guests around the world participated in New year 2015 celebration which took place at artificial island in Mgm. It was romantic evening which MC took forward with games and D.J. Played many rocking songs. Everyone got welcomed with flower showers at entry gate and instant photography. Later on people started dancing on the floor when in-house Band black pearl started singing on the stage. Many people participated in funny games, Those who won the games got many gift like Mobile Phones and stay vouchers of many resorts in India.

Pongal: 10th Jan to 18 Jan 2015

Pongal is the main festival of Tamilnadu where everyone comes out from their home to celebrate it in grand way. MGM Beach resort - M.G Muthu Group did a setup of Proper village near Sea Crest restaurant. Where day events started from 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm. Guest enjoyed the setup which had many different shops like balloon shooting, Archery, Face painting , Mehandi, Tattoo Making, Parrot astrology, stick astrology, Mud pot, Village tea, Mold and painting and Sugar cane juice. This setup was surrounded by many Sugarcanes and pots of Pongal. In evening many program took place near sea crest restaurant which could be seen live at the time of dining here. People enjoyed Bharatnatyam, Kuchhhipudi, Oyilattam, Villupattu, Nadaswaram, Thappattam, karakattam,folk dance, Fire dance and many MC Games.

Valentine’s Day: 14th Feb 2015

Valentine’s day specially got organised near the Beach in sea crest restaurant. It was decorated with red color hearts and flowers. Hostess welcomed all the couples and in house guest in restaurant by giving them a Red rose. Mc Jyoti started the evening by welcoming everyone on the floor. Later on many couple games with live band took place where couple got chance to win many gift and stay voucher.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 : 15th Feb 2015 Onwards

Currently , Mgm beach resort - M.G Muthu Group is celebrating ICC world Cup 2015 in a grand manner to support indian cricket team. A giant Bat with Ball, Size 10*10 feet has been displayed at our entrance area where people are clicking photos with it and wishing team india to bring cricket world cup 2015 to home. To creat enthusiasm and theme, one can visit to sea crest restaurant where he can watch staff serving food after wearing different countries T-shirts and supporting to cricket fans.

X-Mas Celebration : 2015

New Year Celebrations : 2016

Chinese Food Feast - 2016

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